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Fair trade Jewelry - The Makers behind

Auryn Jewels Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Denise Zatti

Denise Zatti, Owner & Jewelry Design

Auryn - a never ending story where wishes become true.

I am the creative heart and soul of Auryn Jewels and design with passion. My knowledge and love for jewelry was inherited from my family and the way paved with my economic degree. Since a child I was fascinated by unique jewelry and loved to draw. Today I create jewelry and inspire with imagination. Out of conviction, I use my creativity to support fair working conditions and try to live up to fair trade principles every day. Jewelry is a luxury product and we always have the choice of what we buy. I stand for fair trade jewelries, building bridges between people and create long-term cooperations. Successful and long-term partnerships in which everyone grows together is the basis of my work. I am committed to fair and transparent production of jewelries and pursue the vision and goal of launching fair trade jewelry making as a global seal of quality.