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Reasons for Fair Trade

Jewelry is a luxury product for us and for others their earnings and livelihood. Everyone of us can make a lasting contribution with choosing fair trade products. We decide what we buy. Decide for fair trade jewelry. Change the world of tomorrow and enable artisans to create a future-oriented sustainable life.

Fair earnings:

Fair earnings allow a self-determined life of gold/silversmiths and ensures a solid and reliable livelihood. 

Fair to children:

Labor law minimum standards and the prohibition of child labour and forced labour allows children school education and woman a free coice of creating their life. Both makes an important contribution to sustainably improved living conditions and future. 

Fair equality:

We focus and stand up on equality of each individual artisan trough; equality between the sexes, fair pay, the establishment of decent working hours, accepting of cultural and religious differences and the encouragement of individual responsibility. 

Fair to nature:

Our ecologically and sustainable production trough reuse of silver and gold and as well as dispensing with heating and colouring precious stones protects environment and resources. 

Fair prices:

Our transparent production and trade chain enables fair prices right down to the origin; for the producer, the trade and you as customer. Fair prices enables sustainable investments in good infrastructures and jobs. 

Fair to health:

Improved working and employment conditions as well as secure workplaces have a direct impact on better health of the employees and enable them to live a future-oriented life.

Fair future:

For each piece of jewelry we sold we invest CHF 3.- as a fair trade premium into education and development of children and socially disadvantaged people of the poorest segments of our population to enable them a better future.

Fair quality and handicraft:

In addition to extraordinary social commitment, each of our fair trade jewelry is characterized by high quality and careful handcraft. 

Fair together:

Trough your conscious purchasing of fair trade jewelry you can actively participate in establishing the fair and social standard. Together for a better future. 

Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Denise Zatti

My name is Denise Zatti and I am looking forward to your choice of Auryn Jewels fair trade jewelry.