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Auryn Jewels is committed to fairly trading jewelry thus laying down a clear marker against the exploitation of man, his creativity and mother nature. The main focus is placed on the equality of each individual artisan through

  • Equality between the sexes
  • Fair pay
  • The establishment of decent working hours
  • Equality of cultural and religious differences
  • The encouragement of individual responsibility. 

Auryn Jewels meets every partner personally, provides them with transparent information and is committed to stopping the marginalisation of the poorer sections of the community with the aim of sensitising the saturated consumer market and its economic order.


The clear and signed conditions for cooperation and partnership enable our artisans to develop their own sustainable, future-oriented and secure existence. This empowerment leads to better living conditions for each and everyone of them.


Fair trade means a partnership in trade. A partnership that builds on transparency and respect and strives for greater equality in international trade. A partnership based on long-term cooperation where both sides grow in tandem. Fair trade contributes to the fight against global poverty and fosters development that is self-determined.


Auryn Jewels works directly with each individual manufactory in India and consistently adheres to a fair pricing and working hours policy for the producers. Auryn Jewels is committed to sustainable production that deliberately uses recycled silber, gold and diamonds to craft Auryn's jewelry pieces. Where necessary Auryn Jewels promotes daily contact with the producers and fosters their personal feeling of responsibility by helping them to improve technical skills within the framework of the cooperation. Proof is secured for each piece of jewelry. The origin of the jewelry or the artisan are well known and the fair trade philosophy taken by Auryn Jewels is clearly communicated, written and lived to the full. All producers (About us) live the fair trade philosophy to the full and carry it forward.


Auryn Jewels designs, imports, distributes and deals in jewelry in accordance with fair trade standards. The main goal of Auryn Jewels is to foster and establish ethical and fair trade and sustainable jewelry production. A share in the profits is reinvested sustainable in our future; education and love for children. For every piece of jewelry we sold, 3 Swiss francs are donated to the charity organisation Sunshine Children of Hope ( By making this donation, we make it possible for the poorest children in Delhi to access hygiene, sports, education and a social network. Thus providing the children with hope and a future. 


All handmade jewelry is made taking the environment and the conditions of nature into consideration. For silver and gold jewelry we use almost exclusively recycled silber, gold and diamonds. 

Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Förderung Sunshine Children of Hope
Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Förderung Sunshine Children of Hope Bildung
Auryn Fair Trade Schmuck Zürich Förderung Sunshine Children of Hope Trinkwasser